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The · Poetry · of · John · Keats

"Bright Star" movie website up

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Not much yet, but the site design is interesting, the plot summary is intriguing, and the cast list is complete. Joseph Severn is low on aforementioned list, and called "Mr. Severn"---suggesting he doesn't have an enormous role, which in turn suggests that we may not be getting an extensive death-scene.


(Though I seriously doubt that the lock of hair on the opening page is genuine, here's a fun related pseudo-fact: a drug test done on Keats's hair revealed that it contained opium [not especially surprising, as he was in a good deal of pain for a long while before his death and opium was prescribed as a painkiller...] A bit of details about the process here: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9B0DEED91739F93BA35751C1A961948260)
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